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Kremuko is a real super weapon against the symptoms of osteoarthritis.

When it comes to osteoarthritis, the protective cartilage is depleted, the synovial membrane irritated, bone grates upon bone and aches and pains are the result. Through Kremuko’s stimulatory ingredients, the articular capsule is better supplied with blood, establishing more synovial membrane and reducing painful friction of the bones. This improvement can be, every now and then, even detected during an ultrasound examination.
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Carefully selected and conscientiously checked for the best quality. Our raw materials come from Sri Lanka and are imported by us personally. In this way we guarantee absolute quality and freshness. All ingredients are fair trade, free of pesticides and vegan.
The perfect composition ensures maximum success in terms of effectiveness. The secret of the problem-free intake lies in our vegan cellulose capsule. Kremuko is therefore not only suitable for taking at home, but can also be perfectly transported when travelling.
Studies confirm a success rate of 80%. Experts say: “it’s worth a try.”

Cumin, nutmeg and coriander improve the blood flow of the synovial membrane, showing anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties which is why many osteoarthritis patients may experience a noticeable easing of their symptoms; Fit-Control internal studies even show 100% relief from the symptoms described by subjects.

Unlike other strong medications, with Kremuko, no side effects are to be expected.

Dosage: 1-2 capsules daily at breakfast and dinner, respectively.

Please note: before ingestion you should consult with your physician in order to exclude the possibility of interactions with other medications taken.

Contents: one packet of Kremuko contains 90 capsules. When taking 2 capsules daily, one packet is enough for 1.5 months and 3 months when taking just 1, daily. We recommend a Kremuko course of at least 3 months.
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Cumin acts as an anti-inflammatory effect, nutmeg as an analgesic and coriander contains immunostimulating, relaxing and calming agents.

The subjects of our internal studies indicated a definite improvement from their osteoarthritis symptoms. In many instances, pain medication could be reduced and even stopped all together. According to the study, the effect on men begins, on average, after 3-5 weeks, while for women 6-10 weeks.
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We guarantee absolute quality and freshness through personal imports. All ingredients are fair trade, free from pesticides and vegan. Perfect composition ensures the highest success in effectiveness. The secret as to why it’s so easy to take Kremuko, lies in our vegan cellulose capsule.
Though Kremuko is a real super weapon against osteoarthritis, we were able to identify a variety of other positive properties, too.

In some circumstances, Kremuko acts in the following ways as:

- Anti-inflammatory
- Blood pressure regulator
- Digestive
- Stress reducer
- Bone fortifier
- Soporific
- Antispasmodic
- Antidepressant
- Libido enhancer
- And much more.

The recommended retail price of Kremuko is
€ 34.95.
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At Fit-Control, we take our responsibility very seriously because we know that the earth's resources are finite. That is why we pay particular attention to ecological aspects. For example, our packaging is 100% recyclable and is produced in Europe, we fill our capsules in Germany, our raw materials are manufactured in an environmentally friendly manner and are delivered directly to Germany. Fit-Control guarantees the authenticity of all products with the gear symbol.
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